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CPM's Time Solution is Easy to Use and Robust

Relying on spreadsheets or manual processes to calculate employee's time is not only inefficient, it puts your organization at risk.

Our fully integrated system collects, manages and processes your employees time information seamlessly, providing you with a feature-rich time & attendance application.


If you need a physical time clock, we have over 10 models to choose from.  You can start with the more basic card reader or PIN entry method, or choose a more sophisticated biometric time clock that eliminates "buddy-punching."  The next generation "workforce clocks" offer a more professional look with added features and capabilities.

Web Based

Our cloud solution provides web based time tracking.  No need for expensive hardware - employees clock in and out from their self-service portal.  All the same robust features whether you have hardware or not.  Employees can see their time cards, request time-off and view their pay stubs.


Easily manage employee schedules and assign resources more effectively, reducing the time needed to schedule employees.


It's just like having a time clock in your employees pockets.  Employees can punch in/out, request time-off and view pay and W-2 history with a universal app for both Android and Apple users.