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Workers Compensation in Florida

Paying for your worker's comp coverage the old-fashioned way required you to make payroll estimates for the upcoming year, pay up to a 25% deposit and pay the balance off in monthly or quarterly installments. Then, at the end of the policy period you have an audit to determine whether you under or overestimated your payroll. If you underestimated you are going to owe money, and that's on top of next year's deposit!

CPM Employer Solutions DOES NOT SELL Workers Compensation Insurance; rather we are managers of your premium payment process. Taking advantage of CPM Employer Solution partnerships with the various agents throughout Florida, we may be able to help you to eliminate the need for up-front deposits, payment schedules, and payroll audits. If your company qualifies (based upon which carrier your Agent places your business with), you may be able to pay your premium every pay period based on the actual payroll reported for that period. CPM will submit your premiums to the carrier on your behalf. At the end of the policy period (and with Carrier permission), your final premium audit will be conducted at our location, saving you the hassle of scheduling the time and getting all your reports together.

CPM Employer Solutions works with numerous insurance agents that represent various carriers throughout Florida and the South to provide you a variety of potential markets, not just locking you into one carrier or one agent like a lot of the other companies will do. By doing this, you get a better chance of finding the right coverage for your business, where others may fail. Our staff of highly trained individuals will work with you in conjunction with your Agent to ensure you are receiving all the credits and discounts you are entitled to on your policy, not to mention getting clarification of class code assignments should the need arise. We are here to make sure you pay only the premium you are required - no more and no less!

We gain no monetary benefit from your workers compensation policy, we do not get a commission or fee from any agent or carrier, so you can feel comfortable that the information we provide you is in YOUR best interest, NOT in ours!

CPM vs. Employee Leasing (PEO).  The Choice is Clear.

If you’re considering using a PEO to provide payroll and workers' compensation for your business, STOP and consider CPM. We offer you a superior alternative to employee leasing arrangements.  CPM delivers the same pay as you go convenience as employee leasing, but typically at a fraction of the cost.

Compare CPM to a Florida PEO

Administration Fees - CPM charges a low base & per check fee for payroll services.  PEO’s bill administration fees as a percentage of your gross payroll, which almost always results in a significantly higher administration fee.  It also means that if you give an employee a raise or give bonuses, you have just given the employee leasing company a raise as well – for the same amount of checks. Remember, we charge a base & per check fee, so no matter how much you pay, the fee from us is the same.

State Reemployment Tax Rates - Many business owners will find that it is advantageous to establish their own unemployment claims history.  Doing so allows employers to take control of their own SUTA tax rate rather than being assigned a higher rate by an employee leasing firm.  In most cases an employer with a positive unemployment claims history will have a much lower tax rate on their own than they will through an employee leasing arrangement. In addition, MOST PEO’s do not provide you with YTD Employer tax information by employee – that is VERY important to take note of. Why? Because in Florida, you no longer owe for state or Federal Unemployment once an employee reaches $7,000 in wages. By not showing any YTD employer tax at the employee level, you have no idea how much you are actually paying for these taxes. Sure, you know a total, but as my mom always said – the devil is in the details!

Workers' Compensation Cost - CPM offers the same pay as you go convenience of PEO, but without the added cost. Over the last several years, Florida workers' compensation rates have gone down.  On average workers' compensation rates in Florida are have decreased by more than 25% of what they were only 3 years ago!  

This decrease in rates affects PEO’s.  Lower worker comp rates mean lower profit margins for carriers that underwrite the master policies for PEO’s.  For this reason, many leasing firms are unable to offer the discounted workers' compensation prices that made employee leasing such an attractive option in the past.  Now consider the mandatory discounts that traditional workers' compensation carriers are required to offer such as safety program discounts, volume discounts, drug free discounts, contractors’ credits, etc...  Remember, utilizing a standard workers compensation policy allows employers to establish a positive claims history, which can result in reducing workers' compensation costs even further.  The result is that obtaining a traditional workers' compensation policy can be a significantly more cost-effective solution than an employee leasing arrangement.